Let`s face it, it is a busy, fast-tracked world out there, and the pace of life is getting to be hectic by the day!  We have little or no time to pay attention to the important stuff of life.  Stuff that might be considered conventional, old-fashioned or from another world. 

For the past three decades, now, I  beat a hasty retreat from it all (now and then)—the city buzz, the corporate rush, decision making, fitting in more tasks than I can possibly handle, and feeling drained at the end of each day.  The beaches of  Goa, western India, is my favorite destination.  I am armed with my laptop, a hotel reservation voucher for three nights,( often, I get the fourth night free!) and a desire to slow down, reflect and gain perspective. 

I take long walks along the shore, with naked feet and feel the sand move beneath!  I feel a deep connection with the ocean.  I listen to birds, as they tweet and swoop down to find their prey.  And during these moments, I feel one with creation, and with the Creator.  I feel a sense of inter-connectedness amongst all creation.


  1.  I have learnt to love my own company, and observe my thoughts and feelings.
  2. I love the slow pace of life, when I am alone.  It energizes me.
  3. I reflect, rejuvenate and return refreshed—back to the hustle-bustle of life.
  4. I journal, read books that invigorate me, validate my purpose and dream in life; and of late, blog.  These practices expand my horizon.
  5. Long beach (or mountain) walks connect me with nature.  Therapy for the pressured and stressed.
  6. No one talks to me—this is very important for a CEO, who has to listen, whether or not he likes it.
  7. For me, most of a day`s energy is spent talking— I don’t have to, while by myself.
  8. Solitude time expands my sense of who I am.  Remember, Plato said “a life unexamined, is not worth living!”
  9. I use this time to align my thoughts, feelings and desires to the main purpose of my life.
  10. I eat, or drink, what, or when, I like—the ultimate in freedom of choice.
  11. I ask for, and receive, inner guidance.  I follow my intuitive counsel. 
  12. I break the structured process of daily life, where I “have to” many things.

While on a solitude trip, I observe more, judge less; accept more and reject less.  I observe how people behave, admire how children play, and appreciate life a little more. As I reflect, I count my million blessings, the privileges I have had and the  connections I have made.  A sense of gratitude envelopes me.  I see my life more, as a glass half-full, than half-empty. During this break time, I come to terms with  life, the kind of person I am, and, am not.  Whether I meditate, or have a meal, it is accentuated by a slow and relaxed pace. I experience more spontaneity in me, rather than to keep doing stuff according to a check list.  I have danced and sang out, loud, in the rain, like a child!  Ah, the thrill of solitude!



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2 responses to “THE NEED FOR SOLITUDE!

  1. Vaishnavi

    Well, written Sunder chitappa.. It resonates with me..this is pretty much my life most of the time:)..I’ve finally found your Goa solitude in Bombay too :D..

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